Don’t Say ‘Cheese’…

 Nowadays, getting your passport photograph is no laughing matter. That’s not to say you can’t look cute though, like my young traveller shows…

Passport and Visa Photographs in our Belper studio in Derbyshire

•  Guaranteed to be accepted
•  All destinations
•  Prints trimmed to size
•  Digital options
•  Children and babies
•  Easy free carparking

You Passport Photograph Guarantee

I’ll look at all the specifications of your country’s passport photographs and guarantee your photographs

Do I take Passports and Visas of babies?

Yes I do. It’s an almost impossible task to get baby passport photographs in a booth. Relax and bring your little one along and I’ll be happy to help

Do I provide Digital Versions of Passports and Visas?

Yes, I do. Some passport and visa authorities are now offering the option of on-line application (or insisting upon it) which you do with a digital  image. I’ll take the photographs in the same way, and provide you with a digital image according to the specifications. I can upload this while you wait onto a usb drive if you bring your own. Alternatively I can email your passport or visa digital image to you, onto your smart phone before you leave, or to your home pc, ready for when you get home. I can provide a usb drive for you if required as an optional extra

How do you find me?

Phone me or email me for an appointment. Then I’ll email you full details and directions of how to get to the studio. You can park right up to the ground floor studio space. Guaranteed off-road parking available, easy and safe for managing children and babies in and out of your car

Your experience

I use my friendly home-based studio for passports, all with full studio lighting and high resolution camera equipment

I do a short studio shoot. You choose your favourite passport or visa photo from a screen. Then,  put your feet up and have a complimentary cup of tea or coffee with biscuits or cake while I print the photographs. I’ll supply photographs trimmed to the exact size so you don’t have to mess around with scissors. It all takes about twenty minutes

If you prefer not to wait then you can always call back later or I can post the prints out to you on the same day, first class

Passport and Visa Photograph requirements

Some passport and visa authorities have eight pages of A4 with specifications for the photograph, which include rules on head size, print size, background colour, paper surface, printing methods, camera specifications and sometimes even a preference for black and white

Which countries do I take Passport and Visa Photographs for?

Everywhere. In the past year, I have supplied passport photos and visa photographs for the UK and Northern Ireland Passports, Australian Passports, Brazilian Passports, Indian Visas, Vietnam Visas, USA, Canadian Passports, Canadian Citizenship, Finland, Greece and Eire/Ireland, French ID cards and French Passports. If your destination is not on this list throw me a challenge. I’m delighted to do all other destinations



Take the easy way…

So forget struggling in a booth. Start your journey off on the right foot. Let me help you fly…

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