The Wedding Story Photography Ideas

You’ll have your own ideas about the sort of photography you want, and how your day will unfold…


Would you like the  traditional approach, with an emphasis on the key elements, the ‘stepping stones’ of the wedding story, with traditional groups ? Would you prefer a more contemporary  candid approach an emphasis on ‘documentary’ style, showing the fun as it unravels. Or maybe a mix of both styles?

How shall I approach your wedding?

Have a look through the ideas here. All the photographs on this page (in fact on the whole website) are taken by me. Tell me about the ideas you like best. That’s how I’ll approach your wedding…

Bride’s Preparation

I can come to your home or at the event location, for your  preparations. The  photography is an informal, intimate insight into ‘behind the scenes’, and includes family, attendants and friends, in candid way, showing the narrative of your wedding as it begins to unfold. Starting at up to two hours before the ceremony, the photographs also show traditional features of a wedding story, and maybe some serene moments among the excitement…

First Arrivals

I’ll get down to the place of ceremony (the church, wedding venue, registry office) in plenty of time. Your first arrivals photographs begin here , normally with guests and groom with attendants,  showing the excited anticipation for the celebration about to happen

Bride’s Arrival

You’ll arrive just before the ceremony starts and I’ll be there to see you take those important steps…


Here the photographs will be mostly ‘fly on the wall’, no distracting flash, so you can concentrate on the important things…

Candid guests

After the ceremony I’ll be ready to capture those special moments of being at a lovely wedding, in an unobtrusive way

Styled Photography with Venue

Sometimes the venue that you are getting married in is important to you to feature in your photography We can take some time out to ‘set-up’ some photographs which show you together in the surroundings. Here I’ll make sure he dress looks  its best. No need to worry about what to do with your hands or how to hold the bouquet. I’ll arrange everything to look great

Styled Photography Portrait

For those special photographs of you together, wherever you get married,  fairly close-up, just the two of you. Here again, we can take quiet time out together and relax

To be continued…


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